Job interviews

Who are career coaches?

We guess that the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a career coach is a person or a company that give you some tips how to create a good resume or how to calm down and behave adequately at the interview. The truth is that you can get this info from open source websites without wasting you time and money on hiring professionals. Career coaches might be lifesavers for people who are desperate to find a proper job or experience mid-career crisis or reinvention. They provide real support that is so necessary and desirable in the times of depression or stagnation.

How to find a good career coach?

The market of career coaches is saturated. It’s really a challenge to find a good one. To succeed you have to take into account the following things: 1) conduct a solid investigation not to buy a pig in the poke (ask around for recommendations, do a web research, look through the forums); 2) identify your goals; 3) carry out a test drive (get to know about the coach through personal contact); 4) remember that you may need different coaches during the different stages in your career. Bearing in mind all of this can really help you to build a brilliant career.

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