Rebecca De Morua

A freelance photographer specializes in travelling photography, keen on sharing her experience in visiting exciting places all around the world. A major component of her activity as a photographer-artist is mobile photography. She’s been always mad about looking for some new ways to present the surrounding beauty. Rebecca’s works have already been featured on many websites including the Instagram blog and EyeEm Spotlight.

Rebecca De Morua

Hi everybody, I’m Rebecca. I’m a 35-something traveller and photographer from NW with a belief that travelling is the best education you can get. Your precious experience start when your eyes see so unexpected and different beauty of the world. My motto is that any tiny detail of this world must be seen and known. My mission is to convey uniqueness and savagery of the world to you.

Rebecca De Morua

My mission as a traveller and photographer is to allow you to see the world in your own eyes with the help of my skilled lenses. Just imagine the play of the shadows and light, amazing objects you’ve never seen before, color palettes that make world around incredibly bright. You can enjoy all this in my photos! Please follow me on social media or a blog and you will learn plenty of things about photography and see parts of the world as you’ve never seen them before.


About me and my work

Rebecca was born in New York in 1982. As a kid she was dreaming about travelling but her first trip was far away from that time. She obtained her MA in Photojournalism at the New York College of Communication in 2006 and since that time she’s been working as an independent contributing freelance photographer for various organizations. Always being eager to expand her portfolio Rebecca works on different projects that help to showcase her creativity and artistry. Recently, she has received an award in the annual IPPAs in the travel category. Also Rebecca contributes articles to AOL travel and interactі with other photographers who she admires on the permanent bases.

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