The power of portfolio

I bet that you’ve heard about what portfolio is, right? The internet is full of tons “creative” and “breathtaking” design portfolios which make you either confused or fun. Don’t wanna be considered as something laughter-provoking? Then make your online portfolio as impressive as you can to stand out from the crowd. Portfolio implies not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients, it’s your face, the way you introduce yourself to the crowd. Even if you’re not a creative director or a web designer; a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will help you to make your portfolio unique.

How to create a portfolio in a right way

A good portfolio must follow some unwritten rules. To succeed your portfolio has to express the main goal of your works; its design has to be clean and minimal without any obtrusive details which distract your visitors. Try not to overload your portfolio with thousands of your works; be selective and show off only your best stuff. Allow your works introduce themselves – give a short description of each of your works just to demonstrate how it can fulfil the wishes of the client. Facilitate your website navigation – your online portfolio has to be quick and easy to browse. Following all these rules is a keystone to your website’s success.

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